• Load up a payload loader webpage on your PS4 (specter seems to work best).
  • Edit the IP in "ip.txt" to your PS4's IP.
  • Open the tool and click "Send Payload" on the home tab.
  • If you don't see any message boxes pop up and the red text on the right changes to green and says "Payload injected successfully!" it worked.
  • Exit the web browser / user guide with the PS button and launch a game of your choice.

Using a game tool:
  • Click the "Attach to Game Process" button once on the game.
  • Start using the options.

Using the peek poke functionality:
  • Click the "Refresh Processes" button.
  • Select the process you want to read from / write to.
  • Click "Peek".
  • Make your changes.
  • Click "Poke".

If you want to save the dump to a file, peek first the click "Save to File".
Select a save location and specify a name (doesn't need to have a file extension).

Known Issues:
Integer conversation for the peek poking section isn't working for big endian.
If payload injection fails, it notifies you but still says injected in the end.
Memory changes don't highlight in the hex box.
  • added game version info for the game modding tools (general)
  • fixed issue with slow peeking speed (peek poker)
  • fixed issue where you were unable to attach to certain processes (general)
  • updated process handling code to the latest api version (general)
  • added build version indicator (general)
  • added credits (general)
  • added better exception handling (general)
  • added box to show difference from peek start (peek poker)
  • added box to show selected lenght (peek poker)
  • added process entry and process id information (peek poker)
  • added ability to copy the process entry (peek poker)
  • added noclip, ufo mode (cod ghosts tool)
  • added modern warfare remastered template (no function as of now)
  • initial release
PlayStation 4 Tool to Inject PS4 Game Mod Payloads by DeathRGH 2.png PlayStation 4 Tool to Inject PS4 Game Mod Payloads by DeathRGH 3.png PlayStation 4 Tool to Inject PS4 Game Mod Payloads by DeathRGH.png
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