PS4 PKG2USB – Dump and run Fake PKGs on USB

4.55 PS4 PKG2USB – Dump and run Fake PKGs on USB

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Coded by SiSTRo – Credits to XVortex & Anonymous

This is a PS4 payload (based on Vortex’s dumper) to dump and run fake PKGs on USB.
Instructions by extrememodding
  • USB drive must be formatted to exFAT
  • Works only with fpkg (not official pkg)
  • Game/app have to be before installed as usually on internal storage
  • Copy ps4-pkg2usb.cfg to usb root
  • Edit config title_id with game/app title_id
  • Always use the same USB port that when you installed game
  • To reinstall game to internal hdd, remove and reinstall as usual
tip: if you still have the pkg and you want to avoid wasting time waiting for the file to be copied from the payload on the usb HDD, copy the pkg to X:\PS4\CUSAxxxxx\app.pkg

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