5.05 reactPSPLUS

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Reset your internal timer from your Playstation 4 on 5.05 to reactive your Playstation + games.

Basic How-To-Run Tutorial
You need a 5.05 console, open (if you see All Set, close and open the page and it should say Awaiting Payload...) or any other exploit page that also has payload loader.
Send payload with (change to your PS4 IP)

socat FILE:reactPSPLUS.bin TCP:

The payload would set the internal clock to 2012/2013 and your PS+ games would start working, you wouldn't even need to have HEN enabled to use these games since they're legit games and would work normally like any digital game. if you're not connected to the internet, you will not need to run this exploit again since the time change is permanent. it might be worthwhile dumping your games to make sure you never lose access to them.
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